Nayya_Digital Brand Experience

Role_Brand and Product Design Lead
Illustration and Animation Agency_
Many Pixels
Core Team_Akash Magoon, Aman Magoon, Casey Martell

Time Frame_2.5 weeks (website + product UI + animation + illustrations)
Website Lead Rate_~3 leads/week (above average for SaaS startups)

UX/UI Web, Brand Identity Design, Illustration & Animation Art Direction

I developed Nayya’s brand system around the Indian origin of the name Nayya (meaning renewal) and its mission to shed light on the confusing and ambiguous world of choosing and using healthcare benefits. Visual elements such as gradient light orbs and a sunrise-inspired color palette forge the brand. The website was the ultimate output - where I built wireframes, designed core pages across multiple devices, created product UI, and produced a welcoming and modern illustration style to align with our brand principles.

The Nayya wordmark was not rebranded in this exercise.